Version History


1.1 - Added "Six Blocks" Page Type

1.2 - Added "Eight Blocks" and "Nine Blocks" page types. Added ability to add to logo / header area, and ability to edit logo color in back-end.

1.3 - Added 3 page types: Four Blocks, Two Column, and Blog Entry Deluxe

1.4 - Improved theme customization in backend: now includes font selector for Logo and body, and apply custom css to logo.

1.5 - Made it so that custom content replaces default logo when adding a new block to logo area; a few minor styling improvements; improved support for single pages, added ability to add content to single pages.

1.6 - Fixed bug where horizontal scrollbar temporarily appeared when re-adjusting window size; fixes to Blog entry page types; some minor styling improvements / changes.

1.7 - Improved styling to forms and Login block.

1.8 - Improved support for sidebar and main content areas on all page types; styles no longer interfere with concrete interface; minor style improvement to main menu.

1.9 - Introduces new "Flex CTA" and "Fit Text (BETA)" blocks. Minor styling fixes and changes, including major improvements to Auto-Nav. Added several new customization options.


2.0 - New settings and documentation area in dashboard; 3 new page types; some bug fixes; general improvements to page types; now requires 5.5.1+.

2.0.2 - Updated thumbnail image; made logo area global; minor bug fixes and improvements in page types and dashboard apges.

2.1 - Added option to show or hide menu bar; added option to show or hide breadcrumb bar; page types now auto-install.

2.2. - Updates to dashboard pages; bug fixes on various page types and styles; added support for login, maintenance mode, and 404 error single pages.


3.0 - New design; new options for layout, globalization, and general theme options; menu is now multi-level; new blocks and block templates; bug fixes.

3.1 - Improved responsive behavior for Fit Text block; added "Flex Index" custom template for Page List block; can now set menu to display up to to 8 sub-level pages.