The Flirt theme installs two page attributes and a dashboard control panel containing 4 options to modify the theme to your site needs.

The page attributes are:

  • Background image for this page
  • Use vignette on background image

Here you can override the default image on a per page basis. Selecting on from your files library. You can also choose to vignette your image. Give this a try to see if this effect is for your site.

The installed background image is located in the theme > images folder and is called "background.jpg". You can override this default image by manually replacing this image with your own. For best results without excessive blurring use an image at least 600 pixels wide and tall. You can use any shaped image.

Examples of Image Block Templates

The image templates available are:

  • Borderless First
  • Borderless Mid
  • Borderless Last

Templates The video image in the sidebar is how images will appear if they have no template applied.

The top image on the main area has the template "Borderless First" applied. The bottom image has the template "Borderless Last" applied. There is also a "Borderless Mid" for instances where there is content above and below.

The images on this page are using the "Borderless Mid" template.

This theme is responsive and will display content on mobile devices in a readable fashion.

Flirt theme options

You can choose what options you want to use on your site.

Enable Fitvids

This option loads the fitvids javascript code to fit your You Tube videos into the available column width. Use the iframe option when using the video block.

Site Name on left

The default is for the site name to appear on the right. Move this to the left and the menu to the right by checking this option.

Fade bottom bar when hovered

Reduces the opacity on the bottom bar containing the site name and navigation when the mouse is over not over it. Darkens automatically on hover.

Use Opaque Content Boxes

Content boxes are by default semi-transparent. Checking this box will make them solid white.