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Before 1.0.1

Review posted by mieke on at

Great job done!

Wonderful implementation of Foundation 5 in Concrete5, Andy, you did the job, thanks a lot! Playtime starts now ;^) Mieke

1.0.1 -

Review posted by hansmonasso on at

Fast & furious

A perfect website in less than 1 hour. The only issues encountered where my own fault. Could use a little more documentation but it comes with lots of extra's.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by srogaski on at

So far so good! Great theme

So far this theme is working out perfectly, will give an update after my project is over. Also, the support has been very quick with answering my questions! Thanks guys!
Review posted by Leaner on at

WordPress Killer

I've put together a responsive and beautiful site so quickly!

The bundled custom blocks are very useful and easy to use.

Thanks for doing a great job and making me look like a genius!

I've wasted years on WP, Concrete5 and Foundation5 Theme together is a totally new level.

1.0.3 -

Review posted by mstroz on at

Thanks for a great theme!

Great work. Great support. Thanks for the quick support response!
Review posted by snorris on at

Excellent Service

This theme was easy for me as a novice to navigate and use. There were many issues with getting it started (not with Formigo, but with our server) but the Formigo guys were amazing and went above and beyond to help me. Immediate responses and lots of patience with my questions and issues getting the theme installed and working. Could not have been a better experience with the theme or with the company Formigo!
Review posted by WayneRichmond on at

Excellent theme!

I tried a number of themes before finally settling on this one. I had been hoping to find one that was a bit adventurous and less 'corporate' in its design but there doesn't seem to be such a thing - not in the Concrete5 world anyway. But at least Foundation 5 is well constructed and very elegant and behaves as expected.
Review posted by reach4joy on at

Super Happy with Foundation 5

I did the research and decided on Foundation 5 as a theme for my site. I've used Concrete and the different themes available with other sites, so it isn't new to me. I really like the responsive, clean, simplicity of the theme. Very professional.
Review posted by gojukarate on at

Great theme, absolutely world-class support

I've used this for a website that is now up and running ... and received great support on two minor questions that I had which made our end-product that much nicer.

Highly recommended -- the code is clean, well-organized, and the support is world-class. Hard to ask for anything more than this!
Review posted by Ianwil01 on at

Absolutely Brilliant

Aa an Ol' time web developer that has just found C5, I must say that the Foundation 5 template together with C5 is perhaps the easiest web site that I have ever worked with!

My first "test" site to try C5 was based on the Axis template which was a great place to begin! This led me to F5 once I decided to update the Homeopathy site.

A very easy template, everything worked out the box as per the web site. I have used no "CSS tweaks" at all; just ran with the vanilla install out of the box. As a Mac user I found I needed to use Google Chrome as Safari has issues with the colour picker - definitely a Safari issue!

As the F5 template is so flexible I intend to use this template for a totally different site in the very near future - I asked a couple of questions and had answers back in reasonable time. Most everything you require is documented well or plain straight forward.

The array of add-ons that are packed with this template really give you every option that you could imagine! Very simple adaptation for Tabs - very easy indeed!

Great work guys - keep the templates coming!!!
Review posted by wizardontherun on at

Sorry but this is the Best theme I have purchased and or used

Great theme, have been using from when it was just release.
support is also as great, blocks for every thing I needed and the support for smart phones makes my site seem like a real app. Keep up the great work, and when you think it does everything you need a new block is released.

Frank Perryman

Long time C5 user.
Review posted by nourishu on at

Great theme and most importantly with excellent support!

I have used other themes for my other projects before and have never experienced using a theme so clean, problem free and with immediate help/support. Highly recommended!
Review posted by Cahueya on at

Great theme with great add-ons - perfect choice for mobile dev

I am very very satisfied with this theme!

Customization is easy once you understand the logic and it is blistering fast!

With little tuning of htaccess and the images, I achieved a load time of ~ 1sec on

Formigo did a great job here and I can really recommend this theme!

1.6.0 -

Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

Fantastic Theme

This theme is great, it is solid, well coded, easy to understand, and full of nice features and custom templates. The tech support is fast, prompt, and courteous. Keep up the good work. I will buy this theme again if needed.
Review posted by bjalexander on at

This theme can do anything.

I've worked with this theme a few times now, and I continue to be blown away with how thoughtfully it was put together. Unfortunately, the way I use it doesn't even come close to its capabilities. Sorta like driving a Ferrari to the 7-Eleven. I really appreciate the good work that was put into development.
Review posted by christellemory on at

Great theme

I am really satisfied with Foundation. Easy, simple, great add-ons, works out perfectly. I can not expected more.
Review posted by webadminfl on at

Visually Appealing with Cool Add-Ons

This is a great choice for a responsive theme. The original site colors even match the colors my client needs. When does that ever happen? The overall layout is attractive and super functional. Sweet.

The included add-on blocks are a plus. We are using call to action (to link to an online store, linkedin, twitter), flex video (product demo), pricing table, buttons, simple testimonial (client quotes), and simple document (tutorial links in PDF and video formats – gorgeous on the page).

My only caution is when using add-on forms. The form I need - and have used before - has too many display and report/result problems on this site to be usable. The form developer has not responded yet. A simpler form does work.

Formigo tech support is excellent. I had a couple of tech support questions, and the guys answered promptly with successful solutions, including css code edits.

Thanks, guys.
Review posted by brandscapes on at

Formigo Continues To Impress

I like the ways these guys think. They are pretty intuitive for beginners and I have used several of their themes.

I will continue to do so because of their prompt support and willingness to help you out.

My latest purchase, Foundation 5, has a lot of great additions that continue to make my job easier but I was a bit frustrated that "Now With ProBlog Support" on the feature page doesn't necessarily mean that the theme makes the adjustments they show to ProBlog.

Case in Point is the Grid View. Apparently that works within the native theme but not with ProBlog. If you're a ProBlog user, Chad Street has pretty well wrapped up the Blog Add-Ons with his creation.

Bottom line, Andy has great customer support and in the grand scheme of user-friendly websites. These guys rock. They could perhaps elaborate a little better on what works and doesn't in the feature documentation.

Thanks guys.
John Hardy ~ Brandscapes

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