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I was wondering if there was a way to access the original Elemental CSS Custom Classes: image-circle & area-content-accent. They don't seem to be working with the Framework template. If they have been edited out, will they be added back in in any Framework updates? If not, is there a way I can add these classes back in through my own css files? If so, any advice on how to do that? Thanks!

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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply

Unfortunately the Elemental CSS files are isolated from other themes to avoid conflicts. But going over the classes you mentioned I was able to pull it out from the Elemental theme LESS file and convert it to CSS.

div.area-content-accent {
  background-color: #f8faf1;
  margin-top: 80px;
  padding: 65px 0px 65px 0px;
div.area-content-accent div.container:last-child {
  padding-bottom: 0px;
div.area-content-accent .title-caps,
div.area-content-accent .title-caps-bold,
div.area-content-accent h3 {
  color: #988e47 !important;
.image-right-tilt .ccm-image-block {
  display: block;

Please try and add that to Settings > Design > Customization > Custom CSS and apply site-wide. You should then be able to get to use it again.

I hope I made sense. Let me know if you need help further.

Kind regards,
blue1295 replied on at Permalink Reply
That worked great. Thank you!

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