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The theme is great but there is one detail driving me crazy. I'm not sure if this is a theme or Concrete5 problem.
When a user (non admin user) is logged in there is a logout button in the upper right corner. However, the button is mostly hidden and cannot be used. See attached screenshot. I guess it's a question of positioning and/or z-index for this button. What modul is rendering this button and how can this be fixed?

Thank you!

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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for choosing our theme. :)

I tried to re-create your issue but was unable to produce the logout button. I don't believe concrete5 or this theme has that feature, but you might have installed an addon that does?

If there are no addons, please send me the link to your site so I can check further.

Thanks and regards,
bjornsmith replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you James for your reply!

I would be really grateful if you could just try to log in to my site (still under work)http://newsite.vyfabriken.se/index.php... as "guest/tseug" and see if you can figure out what is rendering the mostly hidden button in the upper right corner and how it can be moved either on the z-axis or down. I'm confused!?

Many thanks in advance!
c5box replied on at Permalink Reply

i found the problem.

Please add this to your custom css

i hope this helps

kind regards,

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Apache2 2.4.7
Concrete5 8.0.3

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