Upgrade to 8.1.0

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Do you think it's OK to upgrade to 8.1.0?
Must I expect any problems with that?

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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply

It should work but please backup your files and database just in case. So far, I have not received any problems from other clients.

Kind regards,
MegaCon replied on at Permalink Reply
Can I send you a PM?

The upgrade to version 8 didn't work and the website database is damaged and emptied, I have a backup but I have no idea how to get that on to the SQL server.

I can send you the backup and the server details in a private message and I hope you will take a look at it.

The website is down, and that is now the busiest period for that company, they need there website and it seems I cannot fix this.

c5box replied on at Permalink Reply
please private message me the credentials. i'll have a look at it
MegaCon replied on at Permalink Reply
I solved the problem by resetting the whole website with a back-up file of the SQL.

So I don't have any intentions of upgrading to 8 any more, it gave me a few days headache and a lot of work trying to get the site back online.

I think the main reason of the crash was the 504 gateway time-out during installation of version 8.

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