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I'm considering buying this template but had some questions regarding the portfolio page:

1. can i put vimeo videos or any kinda video to play in the area where the photo is when you click on a thumbnail on the portfolio page?
2. once you click a thumbnail on the portfolio page and go into that project is there a way to go back to all your thumbnails from where you left off?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

thanks for your intereset!

I'll try to answer your questions:

1. When you click on one of the portfolio items and open the project page, you can have anything in the top area of the page, such as an image, image slider, video... Some examples:

Youtube video (using the built-in youtube block):

Image slider (using the built-in image slider):

You can add any block to that area, so you could install de Vimeo Video add-on to add a Vimeo video too.

2. When first installing the theme, if you choose to install the Sample Content (the same you see in the demo page), you'll see there is a page type called "Portfolio Project". You can modify that page type to include a "Go back" link to all your project pages.

Here is more info on how Page Types work in concrete5:

So the "Go back" link is not included by default, but it's easy to add.



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