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great theme just wanted to know if there is anyway to change the colours of the different elements?

I want the Blue to be a different colour that matches my logo colours (red, orange & yellow)



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MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Gary - we'll likely be releasing an update shortly that has the theme interact with Concrete5's theme customizer.

That said, changing the primary color is insanely easy.

If you're familiar with how to edit files on the server, open up /packages/fruitful/themes/fruitful/css/iGotStyle.less

on line 21, you'll see
@primary: #0d87c7

If you change the value there, it'll change everything else to reflect that. So try making that
@primary: #cc6300 and everything would turn orange.
HeinoM replied on at Permalink Reply
Yay!! That WAS easy. Thanks!
garyjhills replied on at Permalink Reply
lol Thanks Michael, I just came back on here to say no worries i found it and changed the primary color line in the iGotstyle.less :P

Awesome theme, thanks so much for making it available free. You d'man ;)

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