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Review posted by pretmaker on at

Nice loaded theme.

Certainly worth the money you pay for it. I am thinking of buying it a second time for the other website I'm building, but perhaps I would like to keep the better/good stuff for myself :)

Shame this is shared with other people to buy as it's too good.

Jokes aside, it is a loaded theme with lots of customization. Looks professional and the options that you have when using this theme for customizing are vast. Some sites may look alike when using the same theme, but with this theme you can make it almost as crazy as you want and create an unique site while still using the same theme (to some extend, as when millions of people use this theme which I can advice, there are bound to be some who look the same).
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at


This is an eXcellent theme! It is so versatile and flexible, with many different options in the dashboard. I'm going to buy it in bulk from now on. Very good job!
Review posted by wildfirelondon on at

Excellent Theme - Outstanding Support

Very flexible and powerful theme and those two things don't always go together. What really makes this stand out the outstanding support. Even during the current difficult times (Covid-19 lockdown) response times are very quick and when things have called for it they even supplied some custom code. Cannot praise these guys highly enough.

Before 1.0.5

Review posted by wildfirelondon on at

Nice theme, excellent support

This is a nice theme which looks really good with a little effort. Although 5.7.1 doesn't always make life easy for it (not the developers fault, just 5.7 being at an early stage) what really sets it apart is the excellent support. Every query was followed up very promptly and suggestions were incorporated into updates rapidly. All in all good job!

1.0.5 -

Review posted by MarcYBB on at

Great theme

Lots of theme customizations, lots of blocks to choose from. After the initial learning curve very easy to edit.
Review posted by MarcYBB on at

Great theme

Lots of theme customizations, lots of blocks to choose from. After the initial learning curve very easy to edit.
Review posted by 7koogle on at

New website, very pleased so far

I purchased Fundamental last week and (with my website set up to a basic level) am very pleased so far. Easy for this beginner to use. Design is lovely and easy to customize. I especially appreciate the responsive design-it looks positively slick on my phone.

Incidentally, I just discovered that it is wildly easy to support different languages on my website. I don't know whether this is a function of Concrete5 at large or just this theme, but either way, it's great!

If you want a 5.7 theme with broad functionality and good accessibility, I suspect that this is one of the very best.
Review posted by lak17a on at

Great theme

Thanks for creating this theme. It's easy to set up, tweak to your needs and has beautiful design.

1.0.5 -

Review posted by rijck on at

Amazing And Powerful Theme

A great theme with pretty much endless modifcation options available via the interface. I set up Fundamental on without out any hassles at all. This is a great piece of work.

3.0.0 -

Review posted by rollies on at

Excellent Theme - Great Support When You Need it!

This has been a great theme and our first charge off into 5.7 - a very easy transition using this theme.

The starting point provide some nice design ideas that you can easily work with. I used New York and honestly didn't need to do much to get our whole theme going.

There are so many resources provided with this theme that you really cannot go wrong!

Great work guys - keep up the good work!

3.0.3 -

Review posted by appamada on at

Fantastic support; robust theme

We chose this theme because of its range of excellent features and flexibility. It's been a great theme to work with, but we were most surprised by the terrific support from the developer when we've had a question, and they responded so quickly and capably. We had specific design needs that they were able to handle for us, customizing the theme literally overnight. We really appreciate this support!

3.0.5 -

Review posted by robhall on at

Fabulous Flexible Theme with Excellent Support

Fantastic, good looking theme with many, many options for customising.

Support has been brilliant too.

3.0.6 -

Review posted by contactoicograf on at

Lots of functionalities

Is a theme very simple of use, with great functionalities that allow do many things without great effort. Practically not need to buy any addon additional for having a site amazing.

4.0.0 -

Review posted by RAMHighlander on at

Very happy with Fundamental Theme

Thanks for this nice Theme. For me as a semi-professional it is great to make a nice website.
Review posted by mfraioli on at

Great Theme! Very versatile! Great support!

Great Theme! Very versatile! Great support!

Go for it!
Response by c5hub on at
Hi there.

It looks like there was an issue with posting to the support forum. We have asked you for a URL to take a look at the site - if you could reply to the support ticket then we will take a look.
Review posted by karty on at

Excellent Theme

After assessing lots of themes we settled on the Fundamental Theme. As beginners the process was positive and we got up to speed in a very short time. Fundamental is feature rich and intuitive to use

Really happy with the outcome with a very attractive and practical website, simple to navigate and maintain and excellent rendering across a variety of browsing platforms.

Great work, well done and thank you to the Team behind Fundamental Theme

4.0.2 -

Review posted by alxbob8 on at

Most flexible theme I know

This is for me a great Theme because I like to have all the freedom of changing colours, fonts, layouts all over my website. And that is what Fundamental giving me. The freedom to make it like you want to have it. It took a while to get used to C5 and all the options of this theme, but once I got it in my fingers and head I started to enjoy the flexibility of it.

I build two websites for my own business with it and will start soon to help someone to build another one.

My websites are: and

Stefan van de Sande.

4.0.2 -

Review posted by tonyswaby on at

Had issues but support fixed it!

Thanks Andy
Response by c5hub on at
Hi Tony, we're sorry to hear you are getting frustrated here. I can assure you this theme works as intended and I have been trying to assist you via the pm's you have sent. If you don't mind me saying, I do feel that leaving a negative review here may be a little unfair as the installation issue you are having will not be specific to this theme. May I ask that you consider your review rating as leaving negative reviews have a negative impact on our business. Please may I ask that you post a support ticket in the support forum for this theme ( giving us a s much information as possible and we will as ever do our very best to assist. Cheers, Andy
Review posted by Cahueya on at

Super Theme with a lot of Options

If you look for a theme with a lot of options, beautiful startingpoints that can easily be customized and a bunch of very good working and useful blocks - get Fundamental. It is dollars well spent because it will save you so much time!

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