2 Themes Running At Once?

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Let me begin by stating I am a total novice so it's quite likely this is operator error on my part and NOT a Fundamental Theme issue.

With that said, I purchased and uploaded the Fundamental Theme program this morning from my C5 home account page. Once I 'activated' it, I went to my EXISTING sitemap and clicked on my Home Page view. When I go to the edit and add content function, I am seeing BOTH the base Elemental Theme AND the Fundamental Theme in my Block options.

My Home Page, and all my other pages, look like some sort of Frankenstein combination of 2 themes in edit mode with most of the content previously added gone. I am unable to remove the Elemental Theme by clicking the REMOVE button as it tells me "unable to remove core themes". When I removed the Fundamental Theme, everything on my existing pages reappeared under the Elemental Theme. That's the good news but I WANT to use your awesome looking Fundamental Theme!

Any help to resolve what is hopefully a very simple rookie user issue would be greatly appreciated!

Bruce Fowler
Hartland Historical Society
Hartland, Maine

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Bruce.

Ordinarily, the Fundamental theme would be installed using one of the 'starting points' which can be selected when installing from your dashboard. PLEASE NOTE: this would reset your content, so if your site already has content you wish to keep then you should not go this route.

If you are not installing with a 'starting point' then simply install, selecting 'none' as the 'starting point option'. You will then need to go to the themes dashboard page and select 'Fundamental' and apply to your entire site.

All you current pages should then use this theme and also any new pages you create.
mainejeepman replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your reply. Since I screwed this installation up from the very beginning, would I be able to "remove" Fundamental (as shown in my dashboard options under Themes) and then re-install it and follow your directions for the 2nd option you mentioned as I do have some existing content I'd prefer not to lose.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
If you have already installed Fundamental and still have your site content intact, then you should simply be abel to 'activate' the theme sitewide from the themes dashboard page - no need to re-install.
mainejeepman replied on at Permalink Reply
That was where my problem began. Once I activated Fundamental, I have TWO Themes operating at the same time when I went back to my site to do some editing. As noted in my original post, it won't allow me to Deactivate the Elemental Theme. Both themes options (such as add Content) show up in edit mode.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
The 'blocks' content, image etc etc will not be deactivated when you install a new theme.

In fact most of the blocks are core concrete5 blocks in any case.

You can check if the Fundamental theme is running on an individual page by checking the design settings of that page.
mainejeepman replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes sir, I had checked that and Fundamental was showing as the primary theme. I know I'm not explaining this correctly but basically I'm just not seeing or able to access any of the awesome features I saw on your demo website. I also realize this is NOT a Fundamental Theme issue but my own inability to comprehend how it works. I certainly don't wish to waste your valuable time & efforts but Is there a chance we could talk privately via email and/or perhaps have you login to our site for a few moments to "see" what I'm trying (but failing) to describe? At this point, I am at a total loss on how to move forward.

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