A few getting started issues.

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I'm setting up this site:http://konfliktvejledning.dk/kv/hvorfor...

First task is to get things placed where I want them.

I would like to have the white background of the main content to be full width - but if I set Body With to 100rem the top navigation and branding also expands.

I would like the navigation, logo and body text to stay where they are - and expand the body to full width - how?

Next is the page title and description - if I change the page name it also changes in the navigation. Is there a way to customise that?
Would like to have a longer title than in the navigation.
If I remove in the Theme Settings the 2x50px margins are still there.



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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
When you say full width - I assume you mean like this pagehttp://arizona.fundamental.c5hub.com/about... where the white background bleeds off the edge of the page. To achieve this, you need to use the 'Blank' page type/template and then add your own layouts using the conrete5 native tool.

Editing page names and lengths is outside of the support we offer, this is better placed on a general concrete5 forum.

brianskov replied on at Permalink Reply
OK - thank you.

I'll look into that.

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