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I am having difficulty editing button groups on right sidebar pages. The system pulls a javascript error when I click the "edit block" link. This seems to only effect button sets on right sidebar page types.

Here is the javascript error:
VM492:96 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
at eval (<anonymous>)
at jquery.js:2
at Function.globalEval (jquery.js:2)
at m.fn.init.domManip (jquery.js:4)
at m.fn.init.append (jquery.js:4)
at m.fn.init.<anonymous> (jquery.js:4)
at m.access (jquery.js:4)
at m.fn.init.html (jquery.js:4)
at Object.success (app.js:3)
at j (jquery.js:2)
(anonymous) @ jquery.js:2
globalEval @ jquery.js:2
domManip @ jquery.js:4
append @ jquery.js:4
(anonymous) @ jquery.js:4
m.access @ jquery.js:4
html @ jquery.js:4
success @ app.js:3
j @ jquery.js:2
fireWith @ jquery.js:2
x @ jquery.js:5
b @ jquery.js:5
XMLHttpRequest.send (async)
send @ jquery.js:5
ajax @ jquery.js:5
jQuery.fn.dialog.open @ app.js:3
(anonymous) @ app.js:3
dispatch @ jquery.js:4
r.handle @ jquery.js:4

Attached is a video of the behavior on two different installs: one is my current site (C5 8.2.1 and fundamental 4.0.4 [green and yellow button set]). The other is a development site I am working on to replace the other (C5 8.3.1, fundamental 4.0.5, [green and orange button set]).

Can you help me figure out what is going on with this?

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concrete5 Environment Information

2 sites (one pre-production to replace our current version)
live version is C5 8.2.1, Fundamental 4.0.4
pre-production is C5 8.3.1, Fundamental 4.0.5

System info:
C5 8.2.1 system - hosted with Php 7.0.18, MySQL 5.6.32
C5 8.3.1 system - local machine running MAMP with PHP 7.0.18, MySQL 5.6.32

Browser User-Agent String

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:58.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/58.0

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