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Is there a way to make buttons fit better on small screens? Right now, when resolution is too small they don't break evenly leaving uneven amounts on different levels. And if padding is used for any reason that padding effects the new row.

Could it be possible for button groups to switch to the size smaller beneath a certain resolution, or maybe become vertical (if it wouldn't be too much trouble)?

Or maybe that functionality is there and I don't see it yet? Point me the way :)
Thanks a million.

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
In the button group block settings tab there is a 'Stack' options - set this to 'stack on small'.
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
When my buttons break for a small screen it overlaps the content beneath it. The only reason why the h2 text below is as far down as it is is because I have a 50px pad above it. without the padding applied to the layout for the h2 text it moved up to just beneath block 1 (as if all the buttons were still on a single row.

The buttons are not contained in a layout, but the main area. The text below it is in a 1-column layout. Both are in the same main area.

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Cant replicate this currently - see attachment...

Can you offer a link offer for us to take a look at?
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Here are two links:


the first link is a remake that I just did to separate the two sections into two different main areas. the second link the button group and text block share the same area, but in two different layouts (the main area, and a single column foundation layout. My other pages that place groups buttons in the same place follow that layout design.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Looking at the link, you have the button group block wrapped in a custom div with custom CSS - we can't help you with this sort of customization. With this div classes removed, it works as intended.
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Man, it's our static height for the background. I had blinded myself to that setting. I appreciate you looking at it. I'll get that adjusted.

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