[feature request] Auto-add images to sliders (C5 v8)

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Could we get it so the image slider (the new block in Fundamental) can have images automatically added to it based on perhaps a few ways:

1. Images in a group (file management)
2. Certain objects in Express

So, to explain #1. Let's say we create a new project page, and one of the images used gets uploaded to a specific folder/set. Then when that set has a new image (added/removed), the slider adds/removes based on the change.

To explain #2. Let's say instead we have the slider monitor an Express object for more images (not even sure if this is actually possible), and any changes there are made to the slider.

The thought is when you submit a new project/portfolio option, a slider used on a certain page is updated conveniently for the person submitting. Reducing steps, and increasing consistency of work.


Not exactly a requirement for me, but it seems like it would be cool.

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
We will consider your suggestions for any new dev we undertake.

In terms of file set image sliders, this is completely possible although more thought would have to be put in, in order to work out all of the finer details for implementation.

Express on the other hand is a completely new feature that we have no experience with so couldn't say whether what you are asking is possible currently.
BloodyIron replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, this is more of a longer-term idea, not something I need yesterday. I figured it might be a really tasty feature! Good luck :)

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