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What does the standard license mean ? Can it only be used once or on one machine ?
Is it perpetually or not ?

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
1 license = 1 site. If you are building multiple sites you will need a license for each.
robertafreese replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for this response. This needs to be more clear. I have been trying to figure out what you are buying with "1" vs. "5". Reading the license itself did not help.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
The licensing is written and governed by concrete5, not us. At the end of the day you buy 1 license for each project you are doing. As far as I am aware you can build a site locally and then transfer the license when the site goes live. You would be best checking the general forums for a better answer to this however.
robertafreese replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, thanks for the response. I just got started learning about this platform, and my point is that when you go to the store, it offers to sell you "1" or "5" and it doesn't say what you are buying 1 or 5 "OF". What is 1 license good for? One "site" is what I think it is meaning, and now I am trying to determine what is the definition of "site" in this context. Is it a top level domain? Not trying to be obtuse, but it's all so vague and insider-y here. The typography and organization of the docs is exemplary, but I am finding myself going in circles on short pages linking to other short pages, and not finding the detail I seek.
Carehaiti replied on at Permalink Reply

I purchased the Fundamental theme from the marketplace and successfully installed it on my production website.

Now I want to install that same template on my local development environment in order not to work on the live site. How can I please manage to do that ?


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