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I've probably done something silly or just missed something, but the <h3> markup in Masonry Grid is ignoring the h3 font I've defined in Google Fonts. Other areas on the page are taking the font, so I know Google Font integration works - can you advise what I need to do for the Masonry Grid to use Google Fonts?


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baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Just realised that this isn't limited to the Masonry Grid, but other page list templates too.

Is there any way that the page list will use Google Fonts? I could really do with a consistent font setup on the website using your theme.

Thanks in advance.
baysmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, just wondering if there had been any thoughts / updates surrounding this?

c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
This is because the heading in the page list is often also a link (anchor tag).

The link font family is set in the theme customization/design options.

If you want to overwrite this then you would have to update the packages code.

We don't support changes to our packages so please make sure you make a back up before editing any files and make sure you make a note of what you've changed as if you upgrade the package at any point these changes will be lost.

You need to edit the main.less file here - packages/fundamental/themes/fundamental/css

On line 54 change...
font-family: @link-type-font-family;

font-family: inherit;

Then make sure you've cleared your cache etc.

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