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I am about to download Fundamental for a website I am going to create for my child's school. I have Concrete5 running on my laptop and have played around with it a little. I have read you should do a new install into a fresh copy of Concrete5 to remove any of the playing I have done. I am not sure if I need to do this, or if I will be OK just downloading the theme and starting there. Any advice you can give for success would be appreciated.

Also, I am developing locally on the laptop and when ready, I will have the school host it on there server. Will they need a separate license for the theme, or does that transfer?



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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Phil,

It is advisable to start any new project with the a fresh install of the latest version of concrete5 - it really depend on what files you have altered etc... if you haven't touched any of the core files then you should be OK.

You can develop locally and then transfer the license later. There should be help in the general concrete5 forums on how best to do this.


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