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I was evaluating few themes and actually selected your "old" Foundation 5 theme for C5.6.
But now, as I can see that you ported it to C5.7 under this new name, I am more tempted to switch to 5.7. (they should thank you for this :)

Still, there are interesting things that Foundation had and I am not sure Fundamental will have too, like:
- ProBlog module integration. Is Fundamental completely functioning with that add-on? (I've seen they've ported it to 5.7 too)
- The many page types you have had in Foundation. Is the new "custom" page type allowing us to build any of those pages that were delivered ready made before?
- Some blocks are missing, more notable the Slider and Accordion. I cannot see it in the list of feature for Fundamental.

So, one other question would be if Fundamental is a work in progress in terms of porting functionality to it (and everybody buying a license will benefit from functionality additions in time), or you consider it a wrap and take care only about support requests.

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
To be clear, Foundation 5 and Fundamental are 2 completely separate themes. Whilst they both use Zurb's Foundation framework and even share similar add-ons/blocks and style, one is not a direct port of the other; actually a complete rebuild.

It is not our aim to add all of the functionality to Fundamental that was available in Foundation, however we do have some new things in development.

To answer your questions:

- ProBlog - we have no integration for this currently in Fundamental. That is not to say it will not work; as technically all third party add-ons should work with all themes. Whether they do or not is one for the developer in question.

- You can use the built in layout tool to now create any page design you wish so that is why there is a limit to what we ship.

- As I have said, this is not a direct port so not a case that blocks are missing, just different requirements. There is now a core image slider block that works as per our demo anyhow.

Our Fundamental theme will be improved upon over time with new features which of course will be available to all license holders.
csebe replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, all clear.



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