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Is Fundamental the C5 5.7 update of the Foundation 5 them for earlier versions?
I ask because one says its from formigo and the other c5hub, though both demos are being hosted on formigo domains, I will have to assume they the same.

Is the demo for Fundamental finished? Seems like its not as polished as the Foundation 5 Theme. If its the update to Foundation 5 I was expecting it to have the same blocks and pages included.

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

Fundamental is our 5.7 version of our Foundation5 theme yes. We re-branded some time ago so now create new products under c5Hub, previously Formigo.

The demo site is currently being completely rebuilt. We were under some time constraints to get the theme in to the marketplace so never got a chance to finish the demo site. This will be updated shortly.

The marketplace page for Fundamental sums up what you get with the this theme, there are a couple of blocks that are still in development that will be added and available via upgrade should you purchase.

You still get 11 blocks shipped with the theme which we would hope is a good starting point and great value for money.

Kiesel replied on at Permalink Reply
So it's based on Foundation5.... I was looking for that information as well. You might want to add this info in the description of the theme.
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
The Fundamental demo site has been updated over the weekend so it better shows what you get. You can see it here

If you have any question ls let us know.


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