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I have been trying to purchase the fundamental theme for the past half hour but have been unable to do so ... The error msg is as below;

Our credit card processing service ran into an error while trying to run your card:
This transaction cannot be processed.

1. Anything wrong with the payment mechanism here ?
2. You have someother non-concrete5 way to accept paypal payment or credit card payment for the 50USD ?

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry to learn you've had some issues. Unfortunately we can't be of a great deal of help. The cart and payment mechanism is managed by concrete5.org themselves, you'll need to contact them with questions of this kind.

Maybe try again in a bit - hopefully just a temporary glitch.
meswaramarco replied on at Permalink Reply
Ahah ...

The paypal option is finally working ... FUNDAMENTAL theme purchased !
meswaramarco replied on at Permalink Reply
One more question , we do development on a staging server first before shifing to an external webhost.

Any changes, once site is published is tested on the staging server before its applied to the external webhost.

How do we do that ?
c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Not familiar with your setup, but license allows for use in a development environment (usually localhost) and a production live site. If you have installed the package via marketplace to your stage you may need to reassign the license to the production site, but one or the installs will need the package adding via FTP as the license cannot be attached to two domains at the same time. You can find the files in the your concrete5 control panel.

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