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Review posted by IGLS on at

Beautiful design, Very easy to customize.

I use this theme for new project’s base design and my business partner immediately responded in a positive way.

Very easy to customize and there are so many possibilities to make original design.

Also support is great!! I have small problem with this theme at first time, but support team works very kindly, speedy and give me great solution.

I will use this theme for other project.

I hope you guys make more good themes and release.

Many thanks.
Review posted by contactoicograf on at

A very good theme

I am delighted with this theme, it is very simple to use and configure to meet customer requirements. It has very good options to fit the design that is needed, with so many options it is possible to use it for more than one project without seeing that it is the same theme.
Review posted by armidalepresbyterian on at

unable to install

Not happy.
Appears in add functionality and i am logged into community but cant download this theme.
Something about a project not added to community??
I think I have just wasted $70 AUS.
Have asked for help but no reply to date ? is my site.
Response by c5box on at
Sorry to hear that. I tried to look for your support ticket but couldn't find it. Please provide me with the link to the ticket and I can at least issue you a refund.
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Very good theme! One of the best available!

This is a great theme. Lot's of options to use allowing for many unique looks so you can use it for nearly any website in any industry. Well built and quick support response! You can't go wrong with this theme. THANKS, C5BOX!
Review posted by tochch on at

I love it!

I love it really. But I'm missing something: The choosing of the Color of Sliders Heading and Text.

Before 1.1.3

Review posted by mesuva on at

A quality built, flexible theme

We've found this theme easy to customise and use. It's well put together and has worked well to complete our project.

1.1.3 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great theme, great support

This is a very good theme and well documented. I did reach out to support because I had never used Parallax before and couldn't figure out how to create the different banners on the home page. Support was not only helpful, but were very quick in their response. I will certainly purchase from this developer again! KUDOS!

1.1.5 -

Review posted by omars786 on at

Quality theme

This is the best theme I've encountered so far for 5.8.. very nice to work with and James was super helpful fixing a google map issue very quickly -

Review posted by BLWM on at

Great Theme / Greater Support

This is a fantastic theme I have now used on three websites. / and
Very easily customisable and mobile compatible with all devices. Not only that, I had issues my end getting a little carried away and James went above and beyond to resolve any issues I had and ease any concerns. The issue was swiftly resolved and everything is looking fantastic. Highly recommend this theme to any beginner or advanced developer. If there was a way to add more stars I would. :)
Review posted by DBKG on at

Great theme + Support

This theme made me a hero. I was able to get a new client to switch from Wix to concrete5, and this theme absolutely knocked their socks off. It has a great look right out of the box, and it also comes with a lot of blocks and customization options. (I haven't even used all the blocks yet.) The developer was extremely timely and helpful in solving a few issues upon installation. I am not a developer, and I would recommend this theme to anyone who doesn't develop their own sites. It seems we may have fewer developers putting themes (or maybe just fewer themes) in the marketplace for the 5.7+ world, but the ones like this are doing awesome work. I would purchase themes from this developer again.

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