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Review posted by barkingtuna on at

Just launched another site with Grounds

Yet another uneventful website launch (redesign, actually, of an existing website) with the Grounds Theme... and in terms of how things could go, that's the best scenario! It is extremely easy to modify and sets up great "right out of the box". This is by far my favorite C5 theme and will likely continue to be for quite some time.

Before 1.1

Review posted by jamesleech on at

A unique feeling theme

I'm glad Michael took the time to put this theme together to share with others.

A few aspects aren't in the documentation so I would be cautious about recomending it to a complete concrete 5 novice as support response times will make the implementation a bit slower.

I hope to see more great work out of the same stable.
(Nice job of re-stying the theme in the rockerman site barkingtuna!)
Review posted by barkingtuna on at

Used it on 2 sites now and love it

I've used it on 2 sites now and have another in the works that may use it as well if the client is on board. It's clean and functions well. It needs some Responsive CSS work, specifically as it pertains to iOS devices in landscape mode, but that isn't something that can't be modified if you know what you're doing. Great template with great possibilities!
Review posted by chrisjterrell on at

Nice Theme and the Simple Addons are a Huge +

This is a really good site. Nice Clean and responsive. Best of All It looks great on Mobile. Well worth it

1.1 -

Review posted by rosie607 on at

Nice theme

Works well, totally satisfied with the theme.

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