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*** Feature update ***

Version 1.5.2:
   Problog support
   Demo: http://heydesigner.heytheme.com/blog/ 

Easy Play With Colors & Images
This theme has Full color Customization (Really!) Responsive design (Modified Bootstrap 2.2) with Touch screen Friendly navigation 3 blog custom templates and a 5 in 1 Widget.

HeyDesigner Widget (Built with Bootstrap 2.2)
    Slider Png (right align image)
    Gallery (+ lightbox with image slider)
    Gallery Slider (+ lightbox with image slider)

You can easy customize the colors of this template it's good for minimal portfolio template or a complex website. 

Content and HTML blocks
    HeyDesigner Box
    HeyDesigner Box Light
    HeyDesigner Box Dark

Autonav Block
    HeyDesigner Dropdown
    HeyDesigner Breadcrumb

    Search blocks automatically set by javascript. 

Page List
    HeyDesigner Blog thumbnail
    HeyDesigner Blog index
    HeyDesigner Blog Entry Top (image slider or gallery) 

New in version 1.5.2

Problog List
    HeyDesigner Problog Archive
    HeyDesigner Problog List
    HeyDesigner Problog List Slider
    HeyDesigner Problog Tags
    HeyDesigner Problog Tag Cloud
    HeyDesigner Problog Categories

     HeyDesigner Guestbook

Browser Compatibility 
    Chrome + 
    FireFox +
    Safari +

Bootstrap carousel and accordion without slide effect in IE.


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