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Review posted by AdamNassor on at

Awesome Service, great theme

Even though I am still a complete N00b using C5 and probably cannot use 5% of the theme, I really like it. Matte0 really gives great support and is very helpful and quick. The translation works fine and should it translate wrong, you can always edit it. I am looking forward to what I will be able to with it!
Review posted by crldev on at

Lazy4site - an original theme

This theme was exactly what I was looking for with its great Facebook compatibility. I have ~50 sites using c5 so I was frustrated when I could not configure the theme and FB app. Matteo offered immediately to troubleshoot and resolved the issue in not time at ll. It's the best online support I have ever received. Now that it is working I am really pleased with the results - it's cool and stands out in the marketplace.
Review posted by alminuzz on at

Cool theme, recommended

I liked the design and the features and so I bought it.
When I used it .. wow, many designs inside to chose from.
So it's can be cusomised a lot.
It's fast 86% on Google Page speed test.
Review posted by yoa on at

Easy to use and well designed theme.

I wanted this kind of single page well designed theme.
Showing Facebook post automatically, simple and easy to use, beautifully organized,
just wonderful!
Review posted by sergia on at


I bought this theme few days ago .. I can say it's totally worth it.
It works well .. I love the design, facebook integration and auto-translation features.

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