When you should use this theme

If you want to build a one-page website, or you want to create a presentation, you definitely should take a look at this theme.

When you shouldn't use this theme

If your website has more than one page, you should not use this theme as your main theme. The navigation bar allows you to jump to a particular slide, but it will not allow you to jump to a different page. Anyway, you can apply this theme to a particular page to turn it into a separate presentation or microsite.

How to add new slides

Simply add a new block to the main area of the page. It will automatically appear in the navigation bar.

How to change the navigation bar links

By default, every new slide will appear in the navigation bar as "Slide 1", "Slide 2", "Slide 3"... You can change the name of the slides by changing the block name in the "Custom Template" dialog.