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Review posted by elk on at


Love this theme. Very slick and minimalistic!

Just two things would be nice for me:
1.) The ability to use more than one column in the footer. For different sharing buttons.
2.) A little less padding between the navigation bar and the first slide.

Thanks anyway for your nice work!
Review posted by Unfamillia on at

Really Fantastic

Your theme is incredible, just one thing. How can i change the background? I want to use my own image instead of a plain white background
Response by jordif on at
Hello Unfamillia,

thanks for your review!

To change the background color, go to Dashboard -> Themes -> Long Story Short -> Customize.

If you want to use an image, i think the following link will help you:

best regards,

Review posted by MegaVoimaa on at

Really good!

Your theme is best that I can find! There is one problem though. How to change the name of that Slider 1 and Slider 2. Is that even possible? Hope I will get the answer soon.
Response by jordif on at
Thanks for your review, MegaVoimaa!

Sure, you can change the name of the slides ("Slide 1", "Slide 2"...). Take a look at the documentation:

(You just have to change the block name in the "Custom Template" dialog)
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Nice responsive theme. Really a Free Theme? So good.

Whats your PayPal account. It's worth minimal $25 bucks.
Response by jordif on at
thanks a lot for your review! i think i'll add a donate button to the theme page ;-)

1.0.3 -

Review posted by hansmonasso on at


very effective for single page websites. Don't forget to use blocknames.
Review posted by scrivener on at

Sweet Theme!

Does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Fast, effective support.


What else is there?
Review posted by jjaramillo34 on at

Awesome theme.

The theme is awesome hands down. Great work.
Review posted by bridportgardening on at

Awesome Responsive Theme!

Downloaded this theme after searching for best concrete 5 themes. Has great support and looks good on mobiles and tablets. Definitely one of the best themes out there!
Review posted by cssninja on at

Great theme and good support!

This theme is cool and clear.
I had a problem with include slider block but Jordif helped me very quickly.
Good job!
Review posted by sk01 on at

Great Theme!

Great minimalistic theme!
using it at and it works like expected, good work!
Review posted by chudel on at

Very nice theme - near universal applicability!

I went from zero to website in just under 8 hours, including the time it took to build and learn the ADODB PHP interface. This theme gives me exactly what I want and I found lacking in just about every other theme (L-S-S) and framework (Concrete5) I have played with.

I was worried that adding custom blocks (needed code blocks for my website) would cause an issue but it has simply been fantastic. Hand-editing <style> components where needed has made this theme really rock for me and my application! (

Thanks again, very much! One quick question: couldn't get <embed>ed SVG images to display on iPhone/iPad. Any thoughts?

[EDIT after comment below from author]
Fantastic! Thanks so much for the tip re: SVG resizing. Now my site is iPad/iPhone friendly! Woot! Now, just help me locate that donation button on the theme page. :)
Response by jordif on at
Hi chudel!

Thanks a lot for your review! Your site looks fantastic :) And the topic is really interesting!

As for SVG files, I think your issue is caused by resizing the image. Try removing the height and width attribute in the SVG file.

More info:

Hope it helps!

Review posted by WhereAmI on at

Great Theme!

This is theme is great and is really slick. This is my first time using Concrete5 and even though I have good webdesign knowledge I cant seem to figure out a way to make the 'slider's closer together. My site uses a different image for each slider background and then there is a large background space between each slider as you scroll down the page. I have changed heights and padding for slider classes. If you could help that would be great. Again an excellent theme, can't believe its free.

Ok thanks, after some fiddling around I have done it!
Response by jordif on at
Thanks for your review!

Try changing the min-height and padding of the .slide class (line 15 of the main.css file). That should do it.

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