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Hey, everyone! I figured there would be lots of people using this theme but this forum is empty.

I know within the theme you can change the color of the background but I would like to change the background to an image. I've tried modifying main.css but nothing I do seems to effect it. Any suggestions?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

Yeah, there's quite a few people using the theme, but it seems you're the first person to post in the forum :)

Sure, you can add a background image just by editing the main.css. Remember to clear the cache (that might be the problem) or simply turn it off while developing your site.

If you post your CSS, I can take a look.

By the way, last month I released the premium version of the theme (Long Story Short Parallax) if you're interested.


ckwill90 replied on at Permalink Reply
Wow! Quick response. I tried the cache but that didn't seem to do the trick. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to add it in the body section.

body { background-image:url(; }

Nice theme btw!! I did see the paralax theme which looks really cool but I'm doing this project pro bono right now.
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm glad you like the theme!

Your code looks ok. I think this has something to do with concrete5 rewriting the image absolute url.

Try the following:

1. Copy your image (snow.png) into the "img" folder within the theme.
2. Change your CSS to:

body { background-image:url(img/snow.png); }

Let me know if this works!

ckwill90 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! I had actually done that first but I had

body { background-image:url(.../img/snow.png); }

which I'm not sure why that wouldn't work. But taking out '.../' did the trick.

Thanks again!
madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordi

I'm having problems with putting in a background image.
Has anything changed?
I added background-image to the main.css file body above the attachment and size css instructions... see below... and when I refreshed the page I could see the pic briefly before it was covered in white. I have inspected the element but can't find a problem.

body {
background-attachment: fixed;
background-size: cover;

I've tried removing the ../ but it didn't work at all.
You can see the website here:
Please can you advise asap?
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

Sorry for the delay. It seems you were able to get it to work, right?

Anyway, please note that this is an old support ticket for the 5.6 version of the theme. The docs for the new version are here:

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