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Today i started with Concrete5 and i love it. I found this theme and i love it:P
I use the free version to test a few things and see if i like it but will definitely buy long story short parallax to give this man credits for his work!

I understand the way of making blocks instead of pages and it gives me a nice new menu item called slide2 but of course i would like to change this name. I can of course dive into the code and change it but im afraid i will lose it when i do an upgrade or so (wordpress experience;).

Is there an easy way to change the menu items?


PS my only fear is the lack of usage of the fora. Or the Concrete people are much more skilled then the Wordpress people or Concrete has far less users. (probably the last but i can check it myself).

PS2 This should be actually a new topic but maybe easy to answer. If I want a simple webshop with just a few items. Would it be (easily by addon or so) to put it on 1 page and use it with this theme or is it a no go area and use another theme?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Roeger and welcome to c5!

First thing, I'm glad you like the theme :)

In order to change the name of the menu items, you have to click on a block, choose "Custom Template" and enter the Block Name.

More info:

Yes, you're right, generally it's best to customize the theme through the dashboard instead of editing the code, if you want to do an upgrade later on.

As for the forums, there are specific forums for every theme or add-on, and generally they are not used very often, while the main forum is really very useful, you'll find a nice and helpful community there:

Sure Wordpress has a much larger community, that's out of the question. But the c5 forum is really a great place to post your questions and get help.

As for the webshop, probably you should have a look at the eCommerce addon:

Honestly I'm not sure if this is the best theme for a standard webshop (I guess it depends on how many products you have and what kind of layout you have in mind). Anyway if you want a complete webshop with cart and checkout pages, maybe you could use this theme for the homepage, and display some products there, but use another theme for the other pages.

If you want a single-page webshop, another approach would be to use Paypal's "add to cart" buttons (i think there are several add-ons for this). When users click the add-to-cart button, they are redirected to paypal, so you don't need to have cart and checkout pages. In this case, I guess you could use this theme without much hassle.


roeger replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your fast answer! I was kinda busy to give a reaction any sooner.

I found a way to edit the theme without breaking it after an update by moving your theme to the core themes folder. Okay, i have to upgrade things manually but the code wont break.

The community is very helpful and i found lots of videos to help me understand.

You're right saying this theme isn't the best for a webshop but it is for presenting a product. I found a workaround to put the shop in a subdir and link it to (don't kill me) wordpress' woocommerce. I need the Dutch payment system iDeal and my provider doesn't support it because of the low popularity of C5.

Not sure if im aloud to post it here and if you like me to make a new topic just ask. I would like to add a block above the current menu block where I can put auto-nav in for a main menu. When i simply edit the header.php and put a new div above the menu with:
$a= new Area('Area Name');

the parallax effect of scrolling to a new 'page' wont work anymore and the div is not visible (it's behind the current menu according to the Chrome inspect element). I also tried to put it in the nav-bar and it becomes visible but the parallax effect is still gone.

Maybe a nice feature for an upgrade to put a menu item in it with the slides under as some sort of sub pages.

(I have the paid theme btw)

Hope you have an idea.

Cheers bud and thanks!
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Roeger!

The default template for the auto nav block uses the same class name that I use for the theme navigation, and that causes the javascript to break. If you change the block template, the navigation should work again (to change the block template, click on the auto nav block, and instead of clicking "edit," click on "custom template," then choose the "Header Menu" template).

I have attached a modified version of the header with a new area for the auto nav above the current menu, hopefully it will help you get started. If you replace the header.php file, you will see a new area called "Main Nav" above the current menu. Add a new auto-nav block and remember to change the custom template (use the Header Menu template). This should be a good starting point.

Hope this helps!


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