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I wanted to add a button in the menu with the logo of the website. When you klik the button you go back to the top of the page. But i want it to become smooth, like the navigation to different slides, instead of just popping to the top.

I currently have an image block with an external URL : #slide1

Check for my example.

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

you only need to apply the class "goto-slide" to the link to make it scroll smoothly to a slide. This is explained in the "Tips" section of the documentation:

I think you can not add a class to the link if you're using an Image block, so I'd recommend inserting the image using a Content block (this way you can edit the HTML code and add the class directly).

(By the way, the webiste design is starting to look very nice)


grafoman replied on at Permalink Reply
Works! Thank You

Sorry for all the questions
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
No worries! Glad it's working.


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