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I've used your theme for my site and it looks great if little fiddly to use in 5.7.

Anyway I have finally managed to do satellite pages for secondary information. Please see: where there are then three tertiary level pages.

However on this and the other three I cannot edit the css to change the font from pacifico to oswald like I have done on the rest of the site.

There I modified the' responsive typography.css' file and voila. On the secondary/tertiary pages I have directed to a customiser.css file which isn't in the theme folder. There is a customizer.less file which I suspect is a compressed version but this can't be edited.

How can I edit the headings on these secondary/tertiary pages please?


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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ian,

for every page, there is a Page Attribute called "Enable Responsive Typography". When that's enabled, the theme loads the "responsive-typography.css" file. I guess you have enabled it for the homepage, and not for the other pages. So you could enable it for the other pages and your changes should show.

Yes, in Concrete 5.7 themes use a customizer.less file that is used by the built-in Theme Customizer (then concrete5 compiles the .less file with any changes made using the Theme Customizer and creates the final customizer.css file on the fly).

So probably the best way to add your custom CSS is using the Theme Customizer: if you go to Design -> Customize, there is a "Custom CSS" field where you can paste your CSS.

This way you don't have to edit the theme files in case you ever need to update the theme.

Hope this helps,

igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Jordi, I guess 5.7 means new ways of doing things for all of us and more questions for you!

Speak soon.



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