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Not sure if you've considered this but I've come up with a few things I've implemented via some custom CSS under design but one thing I've not worked out yet is a way to bypass some slides when clicking the 'Next Slide' arrows...

So, I thought it might be a cool feature to make the arrow target configurable per slide so you can have some simple image "transition" slides between content. Also having a style in the 'Edit Area Layout' to hide the arrow for those slides that are solely there as a image break element would be nice.

For hiding the arrows I've added custom css of

#slideX a.bottom-arrow.split {
    display: none;

where X is the slide number to remove the arrow from of course and the link class would depend on which arrow style the user has chosen...

Sorry for the rapid fire of questions and requests...
I've actually had other ideas but these are the ones I think others would find most useful :)

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

yes, I had considered this. Actually in the 5.6 version of the theme there was a custom class (such as the full-height class) called "exclude" which would exclude the slide from the navigation: when you applied that class to a slide, that slide would not appear in the main navigation, it would not have an arrow, and the arrow in the previous slide would bypass that slide, taking you directly to the next slide.

I had some doubts on how to implement this in the 5.7 version, so I decided to leave it for the moment until I came up with a good idea, but I definitely think this could be useful, so I'll give it a try during the week.

As for you questions and requests, thanks for posting them, really appreciate your feedback :)

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

I've just released a new version of the theme: now there is a new custom class ("hide-arrow") that you can assign to a specific slide to hide the bottom arrow.

(By the way, if you made any changes to the theme files, make sure to backup before you update)



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