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I've reduced the number of slides on my site and now have an issue with the site name which acts as the Home page nav. When you select any of the other pages the site slides up and down gracefully as it should.

When you select the site name top left it just jumps to the home page and doesn't slide up as it used to.


Any ideas please?


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igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply
Solved using a Home link in the Navigation!

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Glad you could sort it out, I'll close the issue.

igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Jordi,

Well it was only a workaround as I didn’t hear back from you within the usual timeframe as you are usually quick.

The original problem remains which is clicking on the logo results in the site jerking back to the top instead of sliding as I think it should? Can you fix this at all please?

In addition the new home page link on the nav bar is closer to the next item than it should be. Seehttp://www.radiuswebdesign.com or attached file.

I cant see anyway to fix this?

Hope to hear.

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Ian,

you're right, sorry. I try to anwser support tickets at least once a day. However this has been a busy week for me, so sorry again for the delay.

Are you using the "Slide Nav" block for the navigation? If so, I think when you removed some of the menu items (slide 3, 5 and 7) you simply deleted the text in the "Link Text" box. You should delete the whole menu item by clicking on the "Delete link" red button. This should make all menu items have the same space between them. (See attached screenshot).

As for the Site Name, it's supposed to reload the home page, instead of making the page scroll to the first slide. That's how it works in the demo site (http://longstoryshort.15robots.com/).

However, if you want it to make the page scroll smoothly to the top, try the following: add an HTML block to the Site Name area and paste the following code:

<a href="#slide1" class="goto-slide">Radius Web Design</a>

Hope this helps,

igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! All worked. Sorry for asking questions that seem easy to you! This is my first foray into 5.7 and my first parallax site!

Thanks for a great theme - I’ve left you a good review on the C5 site.

Speak soon.



Ian Grieves
Web Producer

t: +44 1242 25 77 60
m: +44 7545 52 17 52
w: radiuswebdesign.com <http://www.radiuswebdesign.com/>

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure, no problem Ian. Thanks a lot for the review!


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