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I have created a column block in a slide page, and when I add "Image" from "Basic" layout in one of the columns - the image allows me to add another 'hoover' image which is very helpful in my content creation.
However, it does not have an option to "open the link in a new tab" which this option is only available in the "Insert Image" icon from within the features of "Content" from "Basic" layout.
How can i ensure that clicking on the 'hoover' image allows user to open the image link in a new tab?


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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

have a look at this thread:


Judd posted a "Custom template" that allows you to open links in a new tab. Simply unzip the file in the /application/blocks directory ( so you have /application/blocks/image/templates/new_tab ). Next click on the Image block and select the New Tab custom template.

Hope this helps,

ChipsCamp replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordi

Thanks for that.
I have another question.
By adding the "Share this page" block in my site's footer area, in one of the services - "Email" - is there an option to change the default subject heading and message when the email box pops up?

Currently the subject heading is titled "Thought you'd enjoy this article." and the message is "Check out this article on : Sales Associate [my website hyperlink]"

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

This is a core block. I'm afraid this is hard-coded in concrete5, so no way to change it from the dashboard. ( This is the file that contains the subject: concrete/src/Sharing/ShareThisPage/Service.php )

You could have a look at the other share blocks available in the marketplace. Personally, I always use addthis.com (it works well and gives you detailed stats).



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