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Hi may sound like idiot but having trouble figuring out how to create a portfolio 8/10 to be exact. Had a few questions on what blocks I should be using and process I should be taking. Found a box where I can have several portfolios but no idea on how to add several pictures to specific project title.
Second question I had was my slider at the top of my page keeps adjusting causing my text to drop down 1/4" at a time when the pics cycle through slides, tried to make sure all pics are same height dimensions via CS6 but cannot figure it out. Please help!

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trucontracting replied on at Permalink Reply
So also tried adjusting padding and margin, gave more room for slider to adjust to different pictures but still as the slider cycles each picture is adjusting all text 1/4" at a time making it lap into next slide/box any ideas?
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

the issue with the slider is caused by the images in the slider having different heights.

I'd recommend cropping all images to the same size.

Or you could set a fixed height for the slider. You only need to click on the Gear icon in the toolbar, go to Design -> Customize, and paste the following code into the "Custom CSS" area:

#slide1 .ccm-image-slider {
   height: 800px;

(Simply replace "800px" with the height you want)

As for creating a portfolio, there are different ways to achieve this, it depends on what you have in mind (a grid of image you can open in a lightbox within the same page, or a list of links that will open a new page with more info for every project, etc.).

Maybe you could have a look at the available add-ons in the marketplace for creating galleries, portfolios, etc. The following are pretty cool and available for free:

If you want to create a standard protfolio, like the one you can see in the sample content when you first install concrete 5.7, I'll try to create a demo during the week (hopefully before the end of the year :) This theme was specially designed for simple, one-page websites, but I think it will be useful having a demo with a simple portfolio that links to a separate page for every new project.

Please let me know if you need anything else,


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