Rendering issue with Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft Edge has a rendering problem when the parallax image feature is enabled. This can be seen using your own demo site:

The rendering issue occurs when scrolling - a black area appears under content that was not over a background image. Resizing the Edge window or even switching to a different tab and coming back corrects the rendering.

I test this issue on several Windows 10 PCs with the same results, so I am certain it is not a local configuration issue.

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

I have tested this on a HP laptop running Windows 10 and I can't reproduce the issue. I'll test it again today with a different computer.

In the meantime it would help if you could answer the following questions:

-> What version of Edge are you using?
-> If you change form CSS-enabled to JS-enabled parallax, does this fix the issue?

Also here are some tips on fixing this kind of issues in case you want to give it a try:
johntolle replied on at Permalink Reply
I thought that the browser version was captured automatically by the Concrete support system. Anyhow, it's version 42.17134.1.0.

I tried again with yet another Windows 10 PC with the exact same results (using the example site).

Switching from CSS to JS-based parallax did not change the situation. The rendering issues remained. I even switched to none before switching to JS and it looked fine when using no parallax.

I also tried Repairing and then Resetting Edge with no change in the rendering issue.
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

you're right, I've tested again in a different computer and I'm seeing the same issue. It seems to affect the solid colour backgrounds (not the background images).

However, switching to JS-enabled parallax does fix the issue for me. Can you confirm if you still see the issue if you access this page:

(it's a copy of the demo page but with the option "Enabled via JS" selected)

I'll try to find a solution for the CSS-enabled parallax (or at least disable it for Edge), but in the meantime I would suggest switching to JS.

johntolle replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep, your demo version (running with JS parallax) works just fine on Edge. It's strange because I changed the site I was working on to JS parallax and it made no difference, but perhaps Edge was force-caching or something silly. I just tested it again (my site with JS) and it is rendering properly now.
SiteQwester replied on at Permalink Reply
BUMP- I would like to see the CSS version fixed out of preference, but also, the JS version doesn't center the background image vertically so the bottom portion of the image gets hidden by the slide. The css version seems to crop the image to the center so the image shows better. There's my 2 cents. Thanks for a beautiful theme!

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