URGENT. Site layout corrupted....help....!!

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Hi Jordi,

I was working on the site and it seem the layout has corrupted. I had changed the colour for the p tag in the bootstrap.min.css and went into edit and the whole layout has corrupted. I've tried re loading the theme from my mac, clearing the cache etc but no luck.


Have you any ideas please? If you need access or ftp codes please email me on [email protected] and send me your pm or email.

Hope you can help today!!!

Yours Ian

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igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry Jordi - sorted. I deleted the bootstrap css off the server direct and re installed and voila - all OK. Very odd things to happen though. You might like to have a check.

Phew. Ian
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ian,

no problem, glad you could figure it out. I know it can be pretty scary when things like that happen...

Both Concrete5 and the theme itself rely on Bootstrap, so it's "normal" the site looked broken if the bootstrap.min.css file was corrupted or missing.

My adivice, if you want to edit or add some CSS to your site, is to go use the Theme Customizer (click on the Gear icon -> choose Design -> Theme -> Customize). You can paste any code into the Custom CSS area (this will override any previous CSS rules). This way you don't have to edit the theme files. Besides, you'll also be able to update the theme without losing your changes.


igrieves replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! I’ll give it a go.

Have you got any suggestions for the too small gap between the Home and About options on the navigation. It look like this there because there is a ‘missing’ slide between slide 1 and 2?



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> On 14 Mar 2015, at 15:29, concrete5 Community <[email protected]> wrote:
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ian,

I've just answered to your other ticket.

Actually I think it's the space between the other menu items that is too large. If you completely delete the links for slides 3, 5 and 7 in the Slide Nav block, all menu items should have the same space between them.

Please let me know if you need anything else,


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