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My website since to be really slow after adding 5 slides, is this common for this theme?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

first, congrats on the site, it looks amazing!

There are several tools that allow you to diagnose why a site is slow, for instance:

In this case, there is an image that's way too large (almost 8 MB):

hope this helps!

Blueprint replied on at Permalink Reply
We also had an issue with this theme being incredibly slow on another build (Core 8.1.0 Long Story Short 1.1.2). We had 5 slides on the home page. The content would load quickly but the javascript took over a minute to finish loading so the parallax and menu wouldn't work. We isolated javascript code until we found the cause for this particular site. In the main.js file there is a Modernizr test which seemed to be slowing everything down:

if ( typeof Modernizr.inlinesvg == "undefined" ) {
            Modernizr.addTest('inlinesvg', function() {
               var ns = {'svg': ''};
               var div = document.createElement('div');
               div.innerHTML = '<svg></svg>';
               return (div.firstChild && div.firstChild.namespaceURI) == ns.svg;

This appeared to be pointing to a deprected url
We changed this to and now the page loads in 2 seconds.

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