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Before 1.2.3

Review posted by stuntman on at


Simply one of the best and most helpful themes I've ever seen on C5.

Good job and thank you.
Review posted by buurvrouw on at

Very Nice!

A very nice theme with lots of possibilities and easy to customize!

1.2.3 -

Review posted by jwik on at

Calm, interesting, and flexible!

A very thoughtfully designed and professionally built theme.

The look of the theme is very mellow which I like, but my favorite feature is the card design options because they allow me to define what I'd like to have as a "floating" page/area above the background image. This means I can have the headings appear to be on a lower surface, and the content on a page above that surface.

I use several different background tiles on my site (basically a background that relates to each page in some way), and because of that I like to have the ability to choose whether content will blend in with the background, or be in a "raised" area without a background. This theme is very flexible in that regard.

I like the slider as well. It's created very sensibly in terms of the customization options offered and it's pleasing to look at.

Everything functions well and the documentation is clear and relatively extensive. I only had a few minor issues which I caused myself, but Jordi was very helpful.

I look forward to seeing what other themes he comes up with because the ones he has posted are unique.

1.2.4 -

Review posted by nickspann on at


Exactly what I was looking for. Really nice, unique theme and easy to customize.
Review posted by ssnetinc on at


We've done a lot of corporate / product type sites using some pretty good themes. However, a recent project was for a more personal blog type site. Nothing seemed to fit - until we found this theme - absolutely perfect in all the right ways: great look, great features, great documentation and great support.

This theme simply has a LOT going for it! We are extremely pleased all the way around.

We have a short list of "go to" developers to search first for new themes - Jordi definitely earned his place on this list.

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