No Bootstrap Grid Support?

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I'm really surprised to find that Bootstrap Grid Support in Layouts isn't included in this theme! I'm shocked actually. I mean, it is a bootstrap theme, right? And Bootstrap Grid Support is included in Concrete5 now, so for a commercial theme, I was expecting this to already be enabled. Am I missing something?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment

yes the theme is built on Bootstrap and has Bootstrap Grid Support.

I have attached a screenshot of what you should see when you add a layout by default.

I think I remember you were making some changes to the theme. Is the bootstrap layout not working with the original theme or with the tweaked one?

OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordi,

Actually, I didn't do any customization yet, so I'm still using the original theme.

I just checked. Grid support is working as expected on the FULL page Templates, but it's not working on the RIGHT SIDEBAR template, which is where I was trying to use a layout (in the main content area for example). I didn't check LEFT SIDEBAR.
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

oh, I see, you're completely right.

I tend to use the Full page template when I need a custom layout, and only use the Right or Left Sidebar templates for pages with a fixed layout (such as blog pages). For instance, that's how the demo site was built.

But I agree it makes sense having a custom layout in one of those pages (at least in the main area, probably not in the sidebar).

Enabling grid support in those page templates is pretty easy.

To enable grid support in the Right Sidebar template, you only need to edit the default.php file and find lines 16-17:

$a = new Area('Main');

Simply replace them with:

$a = new Area('Main');

To enable grid support in the Left Sidebar template, you need to edit the left_sidebar.php file and do the same with lines 23-24.

I will include this in the next version of the theme.

Thanks for reporting and sorry for any incovenience!

OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks. Yeah, I knew this and was going to get to it, but you saved me some time looking, and I figured you'd want to change it anyway.

Speaking of the changes and stuff I'm doing as we speak, I just posted this, which maybe you could input on.


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