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Hi. Thanks for such a great theme!

I'm trying to get the portfolio categories to work in C5 v5.7.3.1.
I installed the theme without sample content, so I think there are some bits missing, which I'm adding manually.

I've created a page attribute called Portfolio Category (handle = portfolio_category) and set up three categories.
I've added several pages, assigning them to categories
I've added a page list block listing the above pages and assigned the 'Long Way Home grid polaroids' custom template.

It all looks great only I'm not getting the Categories filter above the polaroids as per your example site. This is the page:http://highermoorfarm.co.uk/c57/index.php/attractions...

What am I doing wrong?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

first, thanks for the nice words!

In Concrete 5.7, there's a new feature called "Topics". The portfolio relies on that to work.

Basically you need to create a Topic Tree with the topics/categories you want to have in your portfolio and then assign one or more topic to each page.

Then you'll need to use a Page List block to display the pages and a Topic List block to display the topics filter.

I've just added a quick tutorial to the documentation covering the basic steps to creating a portfolio from scratch:


Please let me know of any doubts or questions (I can add some screenshots to the tutorial if it helps).

simonchilton replied on at Permalink Reply
Awesome, thank you!

I've followed the tutorial and all seems to look ok BUT the topic filter only works on 'All' topics and shows nothing for the individual topics.

Would you take a look and see what I'm doing wrong, or if it's a bug?
(I will PM you a login)
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

It's working now. Everything was ok, the only thing is that the filter only works with topics, not categories.

When you add an item to the topic tree, you can choose to add a category (which is a "folder" that will contain subtopics) or a topic (indicated with a dialogue icon).

I've changed the 4 categories to topics and it's working now.


simonchilton replied on at Permalink Reply
That's amazing! Thank you so much Jordi.

Excellent theme, superb support, you're a star!

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks a lot for the review :)


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