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Before 1.0.3

Review posted by tlamb on at

Best themes on C5!

I have now built five websites using concrete5 themes and every time I end up with a Formigo theme. This theme, along with all of the others Formigo has created, provides easy to use customization which allows any user level the ability to create a site that looks and feels completely unique. Support time is AWESOME too!

1.0.3 -

Review posted by jwik on at

Nice and clean!

I searched through many themes before settling on this one and I'm glad I chose it. There were actually a few themes from Formigo that I liked - Morph and Lucid were my favorites, but Lucid suited my needs best.

What I wanted was something that had the logo to the left and menu to the right, and that separated the content from the header/footer so the background image would provide a frame around each page element.

I had originally not intended to use the slider but it really adds a lot to the site and it fits well within this theme - it's also easy to customize.

Very professional theme - thanks a lot!

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