By default it shows the Site name. But if you want to use your own logo then replace the code in header.php line 69 with

<div id="logo" class="span12"><?php   $a = new GlobalArea('Site logo');  $a->display(); ?></div>

Note: Keep the height of your logo to a max of 160px.


Camera Slider

The slider used on the home page is the Responsive camera slider. It is not required for the theme to work but if you would like your site to include a slider I recommend this one. The slider is now available in the marketplace. Here is the link:


Navigation - Menu

It has a customized menu option. User can use Custom Template section to implement it. You need to add a autonav in your header section, then click on it and choose custom templates. Then select Luxury Main Nav. It will look like the original screen.


Global Areas

These are included for Header Nav and Footer Columns. You may add as may gobal areas as you want. Just put the below code:

 $a = new GlobalArea('Area Name');


The Luxury Theme comes with a 4 types of layouts. You can choose it from design mode. From the top edit bar choose design & then choose layout.


Styled Links

Across the screen you will see styled 'Read More' links that appear below a block of text. To achieve this style put the below html.

<a href="#" class="btn btn-info readmore"><span>more info</span></a>



The footer section is divided into 4 columns. So you can add any blocks over there.

  • latest posts
  • Popular
  • Follow Us
  • Our Location

Latest Posts

You can use this area to put your latest blog posts though it is not mandatory. You can use this area for other purpose as well. I've put some style in main css to make it looks like the screenshot.

Here is the code:

<div class="item">

<div class="item_img img-intro img-intro__left"><a href="#"><img src="path/to/image" alt=""></a></div>

<div class="item_content">
<h6 class="item_title item_title__latest_posts">

<a href="post link">Post title</a></h6>
<div class="item_published">date goes here</div>

<div class="clearfix"></div>

Follow Us

Within the advanced footer there are some neat social icons. This is a HTML Block, but I have included the styles in the main.css and images if you would like to make use of them.

<h3 class="moduleTitle">Follow us</h3>
<ul class="menu social">

<li><a class="feed" href="#">RSS Feed</a></li>

<li><a class="twitter" href="">Follow us on Twitter</a></li>

<li><a class="facebook" href="">Be a fan on Facebook</a></li>

<li><a class="youtube" href="">Watch us on Youtube</a></li>


Our Location

This is a HTML Block which shows your location, email, telephone etc.

 <h3 class="moduleTitle">Our Location</h3>

<li>Address goes here</li>
<li>Telephone: +1 XXX XXX XXXX</li>
<li>E-mail:<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></li>


Home Page 4 blocks

If you want to see the images of home page blocks as squared then open your packages folder under root and navigate to themes css folder. Then open template.css and find

.item_img img {

then comment it out or remove it. So that the images will be shown as squared. Currently it will show as rounded. Also if you want to put a read more link like the demo, just put the below code:

<a class="btn btn-info" href="#"><span>More info</span></a>

Note: replace # with the page link in which you want to link that block.



This thems has some images which is not mandatory to use but you can use these images for reference. But there is no limitations, you can use your own images as well.


Browser Support

Luxury Theme works with Google Chrome, Apples Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 8+ Please bare in mind that IE8 does not support CSS3 so it won't utilise any of the media queries that make the site responsive, and it will been missing some of the smooth transitions featured on areas like the navigation drop down menu as well as logo text gradiant.