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I just installed the Madfolio addon and have set up a few pages and did assign the "PageList Style (MADFOLIO)" to a page with some subpages (poin 1 to 5 from

Then I tried to apply the "Default Page Type" (point 6 of the docu) to the subpages, but there is no page attribute called "default" at all. What do I have to do here?

The page with the PageList does not show any content blocks even if it has subpages. What am I doing wrong here?

When I am using the search all my subpages are displayed in the Madfolio theme, but on the pagelist pages none of them are displayed. How can I fix that?

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marcantondahmen replied on at Permalink Reply

I think you misunderstood the "get started" section from the docs. Basically it describes which page gets what page type and the basic concept of the theme. The next page in the documentaion is about the page list itself. There is also a link on the "get started" page itself to the page list docs.

I am also not sure if I understand your question right in terms of the missing attribute called default!? #6 in the "get started" page just tells to apply the default-page-type to a subpage.

To get your content displayed on the page list, you first have to select a style for that list as described in docs. Its just a custom attribute within the page's properties (a select box). The difference between the styles is also described in the docs.

Hope that helps...
flummi replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your answer. But I am still not able to get the PageList to work. Things I have done so far are:

1) Installed concrete5 (without any content), installed Madfolio, selected a theme for all pages.

2) Setup a site tree as follows:
| - Page 1
| | - Post 1
| | - Post 2
| - Page 2
| | - Post 3
| | - Post 4

3) Edited page properties of Home, Page 1 and Page 2 and choosed "user attributes" tab and there added "PageList Style (MADFOLIO)" selecting i.e. "Home" or "News" style (so the style is chosen).

4) Edited page properties of all "Post X" pages (X=1..4), choosed "user attributes" tab and tried to add "Default Page Type", which I didn't find (that was my problem from above). So how do I "apply the default-page-type to a subpage", as you wrote in your answer?

5) Added some content to the "Post X" pages.

Well I can access the "Post X" pages, but the PageList pages still do not show any content. May be this has something to do with the fact that I didn't install any content in step 1 (installing concrete5)??

I am very new to concrete5, but I have more than 10 years experience with other CMS, so may be I am missing somethin with concrete5?
marcantondahmen replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
step 4 is the problem. You are trying to apply a page type as an attribute. Page types and attributes are two different things. There is no attribute for that. But there is a page type.
A page type is basically the template to for the page (the look and style), while an atrribute is a certain content/setting of a page.

You don't need to touch any custom attributes for that. The page type can be either selected when adding a new page or via the design properties of a page, but not the main properties (attributes).

And installing Concrete5 without any content is also fine. The page list should at least show the page's title.
flummi replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot, that was the problem. I really didn't expect this property to appear in the design submenu.
marcantondahmen replied on at Permalink Reply

you are welcome! I think it is important to understand a page type not as a property like an attribute. It is actually a layout/design option independent from any other content or property.

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