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Every time I try to access the Extend concrete5 to install Madfolio, I receive the parse error below. I'm using Arvixe as the hosting site. Any suggestions on how to fix this error?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' in /home/bar003/public_html/packages/marc_anton_dahmen_madfolio/controller.php on line 247

If I go back into themes, select Madfolio again, and select download and install, I get the following message:

The package could not be installed:

The directory /home/bar003/public_html/packages/marc_anton_dahmen_madfolio already exists. Perhaps this item has already been installed.

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marcantondahmen replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
First, if you have any errors like that, you should submit a support ticket. The forum is the wrong place for that! When submitting a support ticket, the developer can see your environment and that makes fixing an issue much easier.
Without that environment information, I can only guess.

It looks that you run an outdated PHP version (5.2.x or smaller). That version is not officially supported anymore since the beginning of 2011. (The currently available PHP version is btw 5.5)

Changing your PHP version to 5.3 or higher will fix that problem.

Every hosting service supports multiple PHP versions and you should be able to change that yourself with a few clicks. In case you don't know how to do that, you have to submit a ticket to you hosting service.

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