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Hello Marc
is it possible with your add-on to set user rights which are only able to post blogs in a single category/filter? For example I want to create a user „User1“ who can create new blog entries, but these entries then should be in the category/filter „Category1“ (if possible the filter should automatically be set when this user adds an entry). And this user should only be able to change entries in his category.

So for example if I take your website on – then I need to have a user who can only add/change Book-entries (filter=Book) and another user who can only add/change Commercial-entries and so on.

The alternative would be to set up single pages for each of these categories and setting the page to a pageList. I guess there it is possible to limit access to a single user. But the filter system of madfolio is working via Javascript without page reload which is simply a great feature. And it would be nice to use this but my customer needs to set rights that a category can only be added/changed by a single user.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

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marcantondahmen replied on at Permalink Reply

the tagging system uses basically a standard C5 select attribute. The attribute allows for user-added values by default. As long as a user is able to modify the content of a page, he can also edit its tags and create new ones. There is no way to limit the access to a certain user just for that attribute.

You can disable that a user can add new tags to the list, but that would also be a global option. Then a user can only pick pre-defined tags - but that tags would be available on every page.

The tags are basically normal page content like text and images. If your client wants a page where only certain content is allowed, it would be good to let all pending pages be reviewed by someone before publishing.

Hope that helps

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