With Magic Yogurt the Magic Data tokens and symbols engine is run from the theme as each page area and global area is output, so you don't need any special block templates. The magic is applied to everything on the page as each area of the page is output, regardless of what block it comes from or what block templates are used.

Magic Yogurt is best suited to sites based on the existing core Greek Yogurt theme where widespread use of Magic Data tokens and symbols will be made throughout site pages. If you only have a few uses of Magic Data  specilaised block templates such as Magic Data Templates are more flexible and more efficient.

Because Magic Yogurt processes tokens and symbols only when the page is output, any AJAX loaded content will not be processed for Magic Data tokens and symbols by this theme.

Other Magic Data enabled addons provide a deeper integration of Magic Data  where processing of tokens and symbols is made within the addon to provide functionality that is not available simply from the output processing provided by this theme.


Magic Yogurt is installed as you would any other concrete5 theme. After installing, you need do either of (but never both of):

  1. Go to the dashboard Themes page and activate Magic Yogurt for your entire site.
  2. Select the Magic Yogurt theme through page design for each page you want to apply it to.

During the installation process, any customisations you may have made through the Customize Theme dashboard page for Greek Yogurt will be copied across to customize this Magic Yogurt theme. Such copying of customizations is only done once, during installation.

The Magic Data addon and the Magic Data Symbols addon can be installed before or after installing this Magic Yogurt theme. These addons are not provided with this theme and must be licensed separately from the concrete5 marketplace. You will then be ready to start using Magic Data tokens and symbols throughout your site pages.

You can then add a few simple tokens to some blocks, stacks or global areas just to check that everything is working:

  • [%PAGE THEME%]

Configuration Options

Magic Yogurt observes two definitions that you can opt to set in config/site.php.


These settings are assumed to be true (enabled) if they are not explicitly set. If explicitly set to false, Magic Yogurt will not process any Magic Data tokens and symbols within the respective type of area.


Support will only be provided with respect to the integration of Magic Data with this Magic Yogurt theme.

Because this Magic Yogurt theme is a wrapper for the core Greek Yogurt theme, any basic theme support requests must be directed to Greek Yogurt, not to Magic Yogurt.


Other developers seeking to integrate Magic Data with their own addons or themes are welcome to use and adapt the following parts of this theme:

  • /helpers/magic_data_symbols.php
  • /models/magic_area.php
  • /models/magic_global_area.php

Further information for third party integration is proivided on the Magic Data support pages at