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Review posted by WebOnTheWebb on at

Good theme... no support

Quite a nice, clean theme with some lovely eCommerce pages which work well and a very clear CSS structure, which is great for customising.

Sadly, the marketplace only downloads v1.1 so it's not responsive, despite what it says. Tried many times to get support for this issue but have received absolutely no reply.

Members who offer support for themes and expect people to pay for them should at least make the tiny effort to reply to their customers when issues arise. I suggest designers think twice before buying any themes from Vivid because they seem happy to take payment from you... and all support will stop there.

Very disappointing.

UPDATE: Finally got some help from [email protected] direct - the issue was a C5 download issue and so not really Vivid's fault... but a reply would have helped anyway. I've changed rating up to three stars because it is a good theme.
Review posted by matteucci9 on at

The worse experience you can possibly think or have! If you need help or loose your data, forget it! Vivid will not help you!

I am very disappointed at the company that sells this theme. The them itself is not bad; however, if you need assistance; forget about it! You are not going to get any help from them.
I am telling you this because around two months ago I bought the theme from them. I was then developing my website when my server,, faced some issues which ended up loosing all my database. My website and the theme that I bought from Vivid were lost. I then contacted Vivid by phone (Do not waste your time calling them; they neither answer the phone nor return voice messages. I also emailed them more than 5 times, explaining to them what had happened. I asked them if they could send me the theme once again since my web server had lost my website and theme. One time, someone from Vivid emailed me back ( the name of the guy is Michael). He told me that he was sorry and that he was going to send me the theme once again. He never sent it to me. It has been more than 1 month already. I even emailed him again to remind him about it, but i got nothing from them.

Again, I am writing this review because I do not want you to have the same bad experience I had. Again, the theme costs $60.00, which is not a lot. I could even buy it again. But, this lateness in replying and unwillingness to help the customers made me conclude that Vivid does not care about its customers at all.

Please, be aware of the consequences when buy themes from Vivid. All they want is your money. They do not care about what happens after the purchase point.

Thank you,

Matheus Barbosa
Review posted by jamesleech on at

Great look and feel - poor documentation

This is an excellent looking theme. I ma very happy with the end result based on using it.

There were some aspects in how product pages worked out of the box that had me scratching my head a bit - but these were all resolved.

I wouldn't recomend this theme for a new concrete5 / ecommerce user.
Review posted by garyjhills on at

Many many problems with all sorts of things

This theme has had more issues than I care to mention. I receive very infrequent assistance from the person/team that created it, in fact I have logged more problems in the last few days and still have unanswered ones from before. Considering that this is one of the most expensive themes on the market place I would think twice before purchasing this if I were you.

Before 2.0

Review posted by lobotradingcompany on at

well designed, very attractive

Thank you, it is a very nice template.
Review posted by Lucas on at

Great Theme

Thanks for a great theme, this is well executed design, I like it very much.

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