Version History

  • The Vidall slider can now be used in other areas in the theme, other than the specified homepage location.
  • Fixed issue that caused 3rd level navigation to overlap the 2nd level.
  • Fixed bug that may prevent the month appearing in the correct language in the date nav block, in multilingual sites.

  • Added the ability to change the background colour behind content areas, using the "Content background" option in the customisation options.


  • Fixed bug that may lead to large images with a height of 1000px or more not displaying at correct resolution.


  • Corrected bug with slideshow that meant a large version of the first image would be shown for a split second on load.
  • Corrected bug where sidebar nav may show odd colour on hover.
  • Made all of sidebar nav bars clickable not just the text.
  • Corrected bug in navigation alignment.
  • Added the ability to customise the sidebar nav hover colour.