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Review posted by banditetr on at

Great Theme

It is simply a great theme with a lot o potential.
You have much possibilities to customize.

The only thing is the header navigation - the space is very limited so maximum 4-5 pages can be displayed

Anyway from my side I give you 5 stars

keep it clean and simple
Review posted by JosephGraham on at

Wonderful Theme, Great Support

I'm not a programmer and I'm somewhat new to C5. This is my third theme. The first two had lots of bells and whistles but came with lots of glitches and their support was almost non-existent (they wouldn't even respond to my support tickets). I almost gave up on C5.

All that changed when I purchased Metris. Right out of the box it worked perfectly. As a newbee I really appreciated the extensive documentation and tutorial videos. I really wanted lots of customization and this theme has more options than you can imagine, all easily tweeked. And when I needed support (do to MY mistakes, not the theme's) it was fast, courteous, and very effective.

And I figured something out: if you make a crappy theme with lots of glitches you'll get swamped with support tickets and never have time to respond. If your theme is rock solid like Metris then you'll have plenty of time to provide support as needed.

I'm sure programmers will like this theme but if you're a non-programmer you'll absolutely love this one.

Thanks, Vidall, for making such a quality product and for being so helpful.

Before 1.1

Review posted by contactoicograf on at

A great theme

It is very easy to work with these templates, they are very friendly and have great technical support
Review posted by Jazzypops on at

Fantastic theme

This theme has everything I was looking for, the responsive structure works really well, my site looks great in mobile and tablet devices, the ability to change backgrounds several ways is amazing, and the amount of options for customising is jaw-dropping, highly recommended.
Review posted by timbell on at

Fantastic Theme - Metris

Love the look, feel and it's mobile/device readiness. It's responsive design is very impressive. Adding full page backgrounds is a synch. It comes with great tutorial videos that are easy to follow! The 'metro' look fits today's business and if you're looking for a different style, Metris is easily adaptable for any design style of your choice. 5 stars!
Review posted by willemwempe on at

Just a really great template

If a template is that easy that even I can work with it, it must be a exeptionally good template.
here you have one: Metris.
A great lay-out and with tons of options.
Review posted by tofraser on at

High-quality, beautiful design, nicely done.

Just did a quick site with this one, and I was really pleased with it. It worked perfectly from the beginning. The slider code was nicely done. Custom template to bring in an option white background behind content. Good work.
Review posted by rijck on at

Excellent Responsive Bootstrap Theme

This is an excellent theme that has a heap of built in options. Its brilliantly coded and is tiny in size and very fast loading. The responsive elements work really well. If you are from a static html5 + css background and looking to dip your foot into C5 this theme is great. Works perfectly out of the box. Nice.
Review posted by ernestclose on at

Metris really awesome

This theme is really awesome. I love the responsiveness and the menus. The short codes makes setting everything up real easy and the features are so numerous that I do not have to add anything. Thanks for your hard work.

1.1 -

Review posted by snatch71 on at

I realy realy love the responsiveness

every thing is sooo easy and it is FAST!!
So is the support :)

1.4 -

Review posted by scrivener on at

Love these guys

I can't say enough good things about Vidall, generally, for their fantastic support, and I now officially love this theme (and Nova; different story). Faced with a tight deadline and a malfunctioning host server(!), I really needed the theme to work as advertised and not glitch in any way—I had enough problems already. Between the overall easy-to-work-with design and the comprehensive set-up videos, I got off to a flying start and got the project done in spite of the obstacles. Thanks for a great theme!
Review posted by hsmedley on at

Fantastic support

I'm new to this and the quick replies from David were great. He is very helpful. The videos are also terrific. Very easy to follow. We had an old website that was getting a bit clunky but now it's so easy to update the new one. Thanks.
Review posted by igrieves on at

Cant praise this theme enough!

I've used this theme now four times, I like it that much. It is modern in look, very easy to set up and modify and the customers love it.

On top of this support from David is second to none.

Thank you Vidall.
Review posted by web089 on at

great theme - great support

Thanks for the quick support.

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