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Hello, I would like to purchase your Mortar Theme but I do not know how to install this. I am hosting with godaddy and they had trouble putting Concrete5 in my c-panel at the beginning so I am not feeling very confident to do this myself. I only know some basic html coding. Can your company help me with this install?

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there. We can help install the theme to your site as long as you have a concrete5 5.7+ install already up and running...

The cost to do this would be $50 (USD). Once you have purchased the theme we would require access to your site and concrete5 account and possibly FTP, depending on how you wish to install this.

Please let us know how you wish to continue.
BrendaBeck replied on at Permalink Reply
Great! I have purchased the Mortar theme. You should have received payment by now. You can get my email from the payment info, contact me privately by email and we can discuss login details and I'll post another payment for you. Thanks so much! And thanks for the speedy reply!

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